Hello! There are several important reasons why Turkey is a preferred destination for dental treatments for foreign patients. Here are some of them:

Here are some of them:

  1. Affordability: Dental treatments in Turkey are generally more cost-effective compared to other European countries. Foreign patients can receive high-quality healthcare services at a more economical price.
  2. Quality Healthcare Services: Many modern and internationally accredited dental clinics can be found in Turkey. Turkish dentists often have high standards of education and international experience.
  3. Technological Infrastructure: Dental clinics in Turkey typically have state-of-the-art equipment and technological infrastructure. This enables them to provide patients with more effective and comfortable treatments.
  4. Touristic and Cultural Attractions: Turkey’s historical and cultural richness can make the treatment process enjoyable for foreign patients. After the treatment, patients have the opportunity to vacation and explore the country.
  5. Good Transportation Network: Turkey has a good transportation network with many cities, especially Istanbul, serving as important hubs for international flights. This makes it easy for foreign patients to access the country.
  6. Fast Service and Flexible Appointment Times: Dental clinics in Turkey often provide fast service and flexible appointment times. Foreign patients can schedule convenient appointments for emergency situations or planned treatments.
  7. English and Other Foreign Language Support: Many healthcare facilities train their staff to communicate in English or other commonly used foreign languages to serve international patients. This facilitates communication.

Meet the new generation Dentistry with Dentagram

Zen Tasarım Konsepti

Ücretsiz Röntgen-Muayene

Modern Dental Teknoloji

Our Principals of Dental Services

Vision Of Dentagram


Dentagram aims to provide health services in all branches of Oral and Dental Health with its 10 years of experience and knowledge by observing universal ethical principles.

Expert Specialist

We are constantly improving ourselves to provide you with the best quality dental treatment service with experienced physicians and auxiliary staff; We participate in national and international congresses in this field.


Dentagram Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, which serves with the vision of ``New Generation Dentistry``, serves with 8 Dentists in an area of 450 m2. In the field of Advanced Oral Surgery and Aesthetic Dentistry, it uses current world-class technologies such as Panoramic X-ray, Piezzo surgery, Digital smile design, Cad-Cam, Needle-free Anaesthesia.

New Generation Dentistry

We apply the most accurate treatment to you with digital imaging and computer-aided design applications in implant, Smile Design, Orthodontics and Oral Surgery treatments.


With flexible appointment times and experienced service team, we make the treatment time planning in the most convenient way for you; We do our best to ensure that your appointments are kept on time and on time. We have carefully designed all the details necessary for you to have a peaceful and comfortable treatment experience in our clinic designed with Zen Concept architecture. It is our greatest happiness and goal that you are satisfied with our treatment services and recommend us to your relatives.

İstanbul the City of Wonders

Dentagram Mecidiyeköy is located opposite PTT and within walking distance to Metro and Metrobus stations. Our clinic is centrally located and easy to access in terms of transportation. It is very close to the touristic areas of Istanbul for our guests coming from abroad.

Medical Team

Dentagram Dental Specialists

Özgür Oşar

Oral Surgery&İmplantology

Maxillo Facial Surgeon

Tuna Yavuz

Esthetic Dentistry

İbrahim Almahdi


Özgü$ Balana

Esthetic Dentistry