Smile Design

Aesthetic Dentistry and smile design are an area formed in recent years. Patients who apply to the dentist now want to have an aesthetic and natural smile, not just for therapeutic purposes. Interventions in aesthetics were previously a privilege only offered to celebrities or the rich. Today, interest in aesthetics has increased in society and has become demanded by everyone. We're not all lucky enough to have the perfect smiles from birth. Some of us have brown teeth, some of our teeth are crooked, or they're not pretty in height and shape. These innate traits do not only affect our appearance. It negatively affects our social relations and one's self-confidence.

Aesthetic dentistry aims to renew your ideal smile by applying medicine and art together. In line with your preferences, many methods have been developed to eliminate problems in the form and color of your teeth.

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SMILE DESIGN (Hollywood Smile)

Smile Design is basically a personal prosthesis design made in accordance with the person's mouth structure, facial structure and how they want to look. For this purpose, the oral and facial features of the person are examined first of all. Analysis is carried out by taking oral and out-of-mouth photos of the person. Computer-aided design is made according to the wishes of the individuals. This design is placed in the patient's mouth with special techniques before the treatment begins and the new smile image that will occur as a result of the treatment is evaluated with the patient. In this evaluation, the speech and chewing functions of the patient are also checked. Photos of the person are taken and examined what the new smile design looks like. The aim of this review is to evaluate the new appearance at the end of the treatment by the patient and the physician and to detect possible problems in advance.

What are the Advantages of Zirconium Teeth?



Zirconium teeth are very durable and healthy. Due to the fact that they contain infrastructure according to full ceramic systems, they are resistant to fracture cracks in the long term.


Since the light permeability is high, a similar appearance is obtained to natural dental tissue. The transparent enamel layer found in natural teeth and the translucension structure on the cutting edge look more natural in zirconium teeth.

Less Substance Loss Than Natural Teeth

In aesthetic dentistry applications, some abrasion is made through dental tissues and a place is prepared for prosthesis. Since zirconium-based prostheses use very thin and durable Zirconium metal, it may be enough to wear less than the teeth.


Treatment Process

The application of zirconium teeth is quite similar to other types of prosthesis used in dentistry.

• In the first stage, your dentist will examine the teeth planned to be prepared in the mouth in detail, listen to your aesthetic expectations and tell you the treatment details. At this stage, it is worth looking at the comparative before and after photos of zirconium and other aesthetic applications that have been done before making a decision about treatment.
• In the second stage, your teeth are eroded somewhat under local anesthesia, providing enough space for zirconium teeth.
• After tooth preparation, measurements are taken by digital or conventional methods for the production of prostheses and sent to the dental prosthesis laboratory. When the prosthesis is in the laboratory stage, temporary teeth are glued to your teeth, preventing sensitivity and aesthetic disorder.
• In the fourth stage, the teeth from the laboratory are rehearsed and harmonized in the mouth and sent back to the laboratory for glazing.
• Zirconium teeth that appear in the last stage are evaluated by you and your physician in terms of aesthetics, form, color, smile, speech and function before they are glued and final checks are made.
• The process of gluing the teeth is called semenation. It should not be eaten for 2 hours after semenation.

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