What You Need to Know About Brace Treatment


This solution, called transparent braces (AsoAligner), but without any braces, is a comfortable and aesthetic solution for people who are reluctant to undergo orthodontic treatment. Virtually invisible transparent trimmers allow you to get the smile you dream of without affecting your daily life.


It is one of the most preferred orthodontic treatment methods. Since they are very little pronounced, they provide a more aesthetic appearance throughout the treatment. They are also known as ceramic brackets. They help adult patients get treatment without affecting their daily social lives.


It is often preferred by adult patients. In this treatment method, brackets (braces) are glued to the back surfaces (tongue) of the teeth, not to the front surfaces. Therefore, it is a type of orthodontic treatment that does not manifest itself when viewed from the outside. They have the advantages of metal brackets.


it is known as classic and the most reliable brace. Due to its robust structure, orthodontic treatment is completed faster.


Orthodontics It is a branch of science aimed at correcting incompatibility, incompatibility and mispositioning of teeth and jaw. Since it is difficult to clean crooked teeth, early tooth decay, gum diseases and tooth loss may occur due to food accumulation. Incompatible and mis-positioned teeth Excessive load on the jaw muscles can cause joint pain and convulsions (trismus) in the muscles. The fact that the teeth are in a mess creates an aesthetic problem.

Orthodontic treatment helps to keep the teeth intact for a lifetime, in addition to giving a healthier mouth and a more pleasant appearance.


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Orthodontic Treatment Methods

Which Method? Transparent or Metal Bracket

Stainless (Metal) Brackets (Braces)

Stainless steel brackets are the most commonly used and robust type of bracket. Metal brackets are glued to the teeth, force is applied to the teeth and the teeth move over time. It is possible to use brackets of the desired color. You can change color after each appointment. It may be of interest to young patients of school age. As a price advantage, it is more affordable than other ceramic brackets.

Lingual Brackets

In cases where brackets are not desired to appear, the brackets are glued to the inner surfaces of the teeth. From the outside, they're invisible. It is usually used to treat adult orthodontics.

Porcelain (Transparent) Brackets

They are less visible than metal brackets. For this reason, it is more preferred. Since porcelain brackets are not as durable as metal brackets, it is necessary to pay attention to their maintenance. Thanks to its transparent structure, it does not create any aesthetic defects.

Radio Orthodontics (Invisalign Clear Aligner)

It is applied to individuals who do not prefer wire to the teeth. In this system, which allows for orthodontic treatment without wearing wires, transparent plaques produced individually are used. These plaques are replaced every two weeks and the targeted movement of the teeth is made. Your teeth gradually move every week, your treatment ends with the last series installed during the latest reinforcement period. Invisalign contains a number of conveniences compared to classical orthodontic treatment. In this treatment it is possible to feed as we wish, it is easier to clean the teeth. While bacterial plaques and foods can find a surface to hold on to in the treatment of classic orthodontics, it is easier to maintain your oral health and reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease with peach plaques that have a chance of being inserted and removed.

Transparent Radio Orthodontic Treatment is applied in our clinic.

What's a Dentagram Like


Orthodontics can be applied to everyone in children and adults. However, it is possible to get faster results in the early period. It is not possible to correct some skeletal disputes with orthodontics in adulthood. Treatments are performed with surgical+orthodontic multidisciplinary approach.

It can be done preventively to prevent problems in children of growing age who have not yet had problems or have just started to develop problems. Treatments before the development age is completed prevent jaw surgeries that may be in the future.

It can be applied in cases where the teeth are on top of each other, are very intermittent, are frilly, the lips do not close, the upper and lower teeth do not touch each other, the jaws are too far ahead or behind, etc.


The duration of orthodontic treatment is personal. Depending on the distortion of the teeth and jaw


I Orthodontic treatment prices are determined according to the oral condition of the patient. It may vary according to each patient.

The material to be used is effective in pricing the duration of treatment and the extra dental treatments that will be required.

The price of orthodontic treatment does not impose an immediate burden on your budget with appropriate payment plans due to the long duration of treatment and can be paid in the medium-long term. In orthodontic treatment, no intervention is performed on our teeth as in prosthesis. It's a corrective treatment. In comparison, prosthesis is a more economical treatment than dental treatments such as implants. Considering that orthodontic treatment provides natural placement of teeth in the mouth, it will help to minimize future dental and oral problems, we can say that it is a very good investment for your health according to its price.

How to Determine the Exact Price of Orthodontic Treatment?

After your doctor physically examines you with panoramic X-rays of your mouth and jaw, a treatment plan emerges. After you choose one of the treatment alternatives, the exact price will be revealed. Apart from this, the price of orthodontic treatment with a method can only be said as a rough estimate.

Your teeth affect everything from your smile to your level of safe eating, talking and participating in activities you enjoy. Implant is the best option to regain missing teeth.