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The most curious issue of our patients considering implant treatment before treatment is the question "which implant brand is safe". In implant treatment, components such as the condition of the region to be applied rather than the implant brand, implant surgery in accordance with surgical procedures, wound care and taking the necessary measures for infection protection play an important role in the success of treatment. The implant is a Grade 5 Titanium screw inserted into the jawbone.

The surface of the implant is microscopically roughened by various methods to make contact with the bone cell. Surface roughened implant brands that produce in sterile conditions can be used safely. Today, there are more than 200 domestic and foreign implant brands. There are 4 implant factories producing in our country.

Since some implant companies operated for a short period of time and then ended distribution and sales in the years when implant treatment started to become widespread in our country, physicians and patients using this implant brand did not have the spare and intermediate parts necessary in adverse situations such as dental adhesive loosening, separation of Abutment from the implant and breakage in the future. Victimizing situations could be encountered for patients. Not even a key part needed to compress the implant-connected part, called an abutment, into place could be found. In this case, the use of high-priced implant brands, which have been producing for many years, spare parts are widespread in the world and proven reliability, was the primary reason of choice for patients and physicians. Today, this problem has completely disappeared with the proliferation of implant systems and the production of custom abutment and prosthetic parts of dental prosthetic laboratories. Even if the implant company is not in the country, any part of the prosthesis can be produced very easily at a very cost-effective cost.

List of the most common dental implant brands used today and a brief description of the characteristics of each brand:

Ankylos dental implants: It has been used by dental implant surgeons for more than 20 years. Ankylos dental implant system guarantees long-term results with dental restorations that look and function like normal teeth. The patented Ankylos TissueCare Connection ensures a safe fit with a fully engineered cylindrical taper so that the connection between the implant and the abutment is not compromised.

Dentsply Dental implants: they are made of pure titanium and are therefore known for having quite powerful implants. Dentsply Friadent Plus technology has been proven to accelerate ossointegration, thereby improving the quality of the jawbone and expecting more successful results from the dental implant placement procedure.

Camlog dental implant systems:has patented Tube-in-Tube design to provide a mechanically safe and accurate connection between the implant itself and the abutment; The design of camlog dental implants also has anti-rotational stability. Camlog implant systems provide conveniences to dentists and dentists in all implant applications due to their easy portability features.

OSSTEM and Hiossen implants: it has been proven to provide excellent ossoinentration between the implant itself and the surrounding bone tissue. OSSTEM implant systems provide superior surface properties electron microscope examinations have shown that they are completely free of residual substances.

Straumann implants: designed to reduce recovery time and have proven to achieve optimal tissue response. Straumann implant systems have a Morse conical connection that guarantees maximum implant stability.

Biomed implant: designed to be extremely powerful and resistant to wrinkles, biomed dental implants are a Swiss manufactured company among the top 10 implants in the world sales figures.

Nobel Biocare implant: they are made of pure titanium and processed cold for unparalleled durability and strength. The proprietary surface, called TiUnite, also benefits in superior implant stability and bone formation and integration.

AstraTech Dental implants: designed for predictable results and outstanding aesthetics for immediate applications and dental restoration. AstraTech Dental implants are also designed as a favorable system for all dental implant indications.

BioHorizons Implant: there are seven dental implant systems covering almost all prosthetics and surgical indications. BioHorizons implants also guarantee lifetime success.


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What are the Advantages of Dental Implants Compared to Other Treatments?

Implants and Advantages

The best alternative to healthy, natural teeth

A strong and fused dental implant allows it to look, feel, and function like a natural tooth instead of a lost tooth. Other options can cause bone deterioration and interfere with eating, smiling, speaking and other daily life activities.

Long-Lasting Treatment

Dental implants are a long-term solution. Although traditional tooth-assisted dental bridges are only between the last five and seven years, and with proper care, mostly more than 10 years, they may need to be replaced at some points. While dental implants may need periodic adjustments, they can remain in the mouth for life when properly placed over time and attention is paid to them.

Maintain your natural face shape and smile

A toothless face can sag and look sad. Dental implants allow you to maintain the natural shape on your face and smile.

Protects your healthy bone

Leaving a gap in your mouth after losing one or more teeth can lead to additional health problems, such as the loss or deterioration of part of the jawbone. When it is not used to support a natural female, the jawbone deteriorates, losing its strength and firmness. Dental implants are the only dental restoration option that protects and stimulates the natural bone, in fact helping to promote bone growth and prevent bone loss.

Nutrition and Chewing Comfort

Taste and enjoy your favorite foods without hesitation. Naturally you can bite and eat almost anything you want. Unlike uncomfortable removable prostheses, you can taste the food you eat better with implants. In cases such as eating, talking, smiling, laughing, kissing, yawning or coughing, moving prostheses can slip, you need to "reposition" the prostheses in place of them in the mouth. The dental implant is fixed in place of the teeth and integrates naturally with your jawbone, your teeth do not play or slip in place.

How much do dental implants cost

İmplant Prices

Implant treatments that will be applied according to the patient may vary. implant treatments are not similar, so they vary according to the number of appointments, procedures and implants. After the initial examination and evaluation, your dental implant specialist should provide you with a treatment plan, including an estimated appointment and cost, and let you know if there have been any changes during the procedure.

Dental implants, for example, are cheaper in the long run than a bridge, since a bridge above natural teeth should usually be replaced more often. Implant treatment is more cost-effective considering the long-term patient benefits compared to other treatment options.

Your teeth affect everything from your smile to your level of safe eating, talking and participating in activities you enjoy. Implant is the best option to regain missing teeth.