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Laminated tooth coatings are teeth designed in the form of thin leaves consisting of reinforced porcelain. Especially in recent years, it is often preferred due to its aesthetic advantages. it is the type of coating in which we will get the best result cosmetically and aesthetically. As with other prostheses, there is no metal or zirconium infrastructure in these coatings. A natural appearance can be obtained by applying the front area with high aesthetic expectations in the teeth one by one. It is possible to apply it without any aeration from the teeth or by doing very little aneturation. Laminate veneer coatings are produced by computer technology. Prostheses produced with CAD / CAM technology by taking digital measurements are perfectly compatible with tissues and teeth. The most common prosthesis used aesthetically in the world in laminated tooth coating is Emax laminated coating.

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What are the Advantages of Leaf Porcelain Teeth?



• Since the light permeability is high, they mimic the transparent structure of the natural tooth well. They are aesthetically advanced coatings.
• Since there is no metal infrastructure, gray coloring is not observed on the edge of the gums.
• Fewer substances are eroded from dental tissue than zirconium and metal-assisted coatings. Laminated tooth The fact that the coating is thin and transparent is an important advantage in this case.
• No allergic reactions are observed.
• Since their thermal conductivity is low, the sensitivity problem is very rare.

What are the Disadvantages of Leaf Porcelain Teeth?


• Coatings used in dentistry have an inverse ratio between aesthetics and robustness. The thinner the prosthesis and the greater its transparency, the weaker its resistance to breakage. As such, it is not used on long bridges.
• Since it is produced by computer, its cost is higher than other coatings.
• These coatings are very fragile before they are glued to the mouth.


• Laminated dental coatings are made in cases where aesthetic expectations are high. However, in any case, the desired aesthetic and dental form and color may not be suitable for your oral structure. Skeletal tooth debauching and aesthetic problems caused by different positions of the jaws may not be solved with laminated tooth coating treatment. In this case, the most suitable aesthetic smile can be provided to you by supporting surgical and orthodontic branches.
• The most important of the most important factors in laminated porcelain treatment is that the communication between the patient and the physician is understandable and indicates the wishes of the person in a concrete and clear way.
• You can ask your doctor for a photo from his previous applications. Visually explaining the alternatives that can be applied to you eliminates the questions in your head about treatment.
• Color selection should be careful. Laminated teeth adapt to the color of your natural teeth. Not every color can provide a natural look in your mouth. If you send us photos of you laughing, we will return to you (whatsapp 0545 255 35 31)


• The procedure is similar to other coatings applied in dentistry.
• The first step is to examine the tooth to be restored and to carry out the necessary treatments such as caries, abscesses, if any.
• In the next stage, the tooth is made suitable for the prosthesis by shrinking slightly from its front surface for laminated coating. This reshaping process helps remove a significant portion of existing caries in the tooth.
• The measure taken by taking a measurement from the tooth is transferred to the dental prosthesis laboratory.
• Laminated tooth coating is rehearsed 2 times in the mouth. It is harmonized.
• As a result of all rehearsals, the prosthesis is harmonized with the mouth and the prosthetic teeth are attached with strong adhesives called urine.


Laminated dental coatings are applied in cases where aesthetic expectations are high. Physician experience and skill are extremely important especially in aesthetic treatments. Again, clinical equipment, materials and equipment used are important areas that you should evaluate. When researching laminated dental prices, we recommend that you visit the clinic you deem appropriate and be examined and make your decision when you are at a level that is sure about all the factors mentioned above. Describe your expectations in detail, agree on the affordability of your expectations concretely, examine the samples, and get detailed information about the process, clinical equipment and materials to be used. Get clear information about what is covered by the warranty in the prolems that may occur after treatment. You can call us for information about laminated tooth coating prices, fill out an appointment form or contact us via Whatsapp.