Dental Aesthetics with Zirconium


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Same Day Temporary Crown Application

While your new teeth are under construction, we do not leave you toothless during your treatment. You can spend the treatment process comfortably and painlessly with temporary-acrylic teeth prepared on the same day within our clinic.

Zirconium Crowns with Cad-Cam System

Cad-Cam digital system produced with fast and zero error prostheses will provide you with aesthetics and comfort for many years

Treatment with Specialist Aesthetic Dentists

We believe that a perfect treatment will be possible with experienced hands. We apply all your treatments with experienced dentists who are experts in the field.
Our physicians regularly follow current developments in the field of aesthetic dentistry.


Treatment Process


In the first stage, your dentist will examine the teeth planned to be prepared in the mouth in detail, listen to your aesthetic expectations and tell you the treatment details. At this stage, it is worth looking at the comparative before and after photos of zirconium and other aesthetic applications that have been done before making a decision about treatment.

Preperation of Teeth

In the second stage, your teeth are eroded somewhat under local anesthesia, providing enough space for zirconium teeth.

Production Stage of Teeth

After tooth preparation, measurements are taken by digital or conventional methods for the production of prostheses and sent to the dental prosthesis laboratory. When the prosthesis is in the laboratory stage, temporary teeth are glued to your teeth, preventing sensitivity and aesthetic disorder.


In the fourth stage, the teeth from the laboratory are rehearsed in the mouth and harmonized and sent back to the laboratory for glazing.

Sanitation and Finishing

Zirconium teeth that appear in the last stage are evaluated by you and your physician in terms of aesthetics, form, color, smile, speech and function before they are glued and final checks are made. The process of gluing the teeth is called sanitation. It should not be eaten for 2 hours after semenation.


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What is Zirconium Tooth?

Zirconium Teeth are the material used to restore the aesthetic and function of teeth that have worn out over the years, changed color and lost substance due to caries. Aesthetics, Durability and longevity are the biggest advantages. Zirconium is similar to natural teeth due to the translucent appearance of the basic infrastructure of the teeth. It is difficult to determine between the teeth that a zirconium tooth applied in the correct form and color is a prosthesis. Hollywood smile is one of the popular zirconium apps.

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What are the Advantages of Zirconium Teeth?



Zirconium teeth are durable and long-lasting. Color changes are not observed depending on the use over the years. Resistant to wear and breakage.


Since the light permeability is high, a similar appearance is obtained to natural dental tissue. The transparent enamel layer found in natural teeth and the translucension structure on the cutting edge look more natural in zirconium teeth.

Less Substance Loss Than Natural Teeth

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In aesthetic dentistry applications, some abrasion is made through dental tissues and a place is prepared for prosthesis. Since zirconium-based prostheses use very thin and durable Zirconium metal, it may be enough to wear less than the teeth.