Porcelain Teeth with Metal Infrastructure

Metal-assisted porcelain coating

Porcelain coating with metal infrastructure is usually used in bridge prostheses in dentistry. Strong, robust satisfactory aesthetics, which are usually used on the back teeth, are a type of prosthesis.

It is less preferred in the front tooth area with high aesthetic expectations. Full ceramic prostheses such as Zirconium, Emax, leaf porcelain are preferred for these regions.


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Metal-assisted porcelain coating ADVANTAGES

– Metal-assisted porcelain coatings are very robust and long-lasting. The metal alloy contained in it perfectly adapts to the teeth and surrounding tissues.

– It is more cost-effective than full ceramic crowns (zirconium, Emax).

– Metal-assisted coatings have a satisfactory aesthetic when the required precision is shown.

Metal-assisted porcelain tooth DISADVANTAGES

– Due to the metal infrastructure in it, the transparent and light-permeable structure in natural teeth is not found in these prostheses.

– Aesthetics is a weaker application than zirconium and full porcelain.

– There may be a possibility of a dark line on the edge of the gums in individuals with thin type gum thickness.

– In order to prepare the prosthesis, abrasion of natural teeth is required.

– Rarely, there may be an allergy to the metals contained in it.


This treatment includes a series of two-three-stage applications according to the case.

– The first step is to examine the tooth to be restored and to carry out the necessary treatments such as caries, abscesses, if any.

– 2. At the stage, the tooth is reduced somewhat for porcelain coating and made suitable for prosthesis. This reshaping process helps remove a significant portion of existing caries in the tooth.

– The measurement taken by taking a measurement from the tooth is transferred to the dental prosthesis laboratory.

– Porcelain tooth coating is rehearsed 2 times as metal and dentin in the mouth.

– As a result of all rehearsals, the prosthesis is harmonized with the mouth and the prosthetic teeth are attached with strong adhesives called urine.