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Teeth Cleaning

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About Dentagram

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with state-of-the-art dental care and to educate you about oral health and treatment options. We strive to combine the latest dental technologies with compassionate, personalized care. Our expertise ensures that you’ll receive effective, safe, and reliable treatment in a warm and friendly environment.

Our Staff

Our caring and friendly staff is one of our greatest assets. They help make our office a warm and comfortable place, and are dedicated to providing high-quality care with exceptional standards for sterilization and patient protection.

We have several lovely dental assistants and two hygienists who help our patients maintain optimal oral health. Their enthusiasm for their work, love of people, and dedication to patient satisfaction are what allow them to offer such excellent care. They take pride in the life-changing dentistry we offer to patients.

Our welcoming front desk staff ensures all of your needs and concerns are taken care of. They give each patient personalized attention.

Our entire team is excited about how we change people’s smiles and consequently, their lives. We feel a great responsibility for this – and certainly, without them none of this would be possible.

Experienced Dentistry

Proudly serving patients on İstanbul/Mecidiyeköy since 2009 , the dentists at Dentagram Clinic believe in providing minimally invasive, comprehensive dentistry while maintaining a partnership with their patients to improve lifelong health. The skilled providers offer a host of dental services for the entire family under one roof. Şişli/Mecidiyeköy location also makes Dentagram Clinic the perfect choice for quick and professional service during the workweek

Central City Location

Located in the heart of the Financial District, Dentagram Clinic offers İstanbul a comprehensive array of dental services. From general dentistry, such as teeth cleaning and same day crown fittings, to cosmetic procedures, including Invisalign, teeth whitening, and computer-guided surgery; Dentagram provides the highest level of dental care.


Full Treatment Concept

From wisdom teeth extractions and root canal therapies to implants and veneers, DENTAGRAM satisfies all your dental needs. Call or schedule an appointment online with one of their four board-certified practitioners.

    You can ask for treatment details and make an appointment 0212 213 70 75  

Zen concept

For Kİds

Lüxury Clinic

10 ways to improve your smile

1) Hygienist

Have a simple clean with our thorough hygienists.
Diseased inflamed gums don´t look attractive and neither do stained teeth. Also fresh breath can be achieved with a simple clean.

2) Tooth Whitening

Whitening is an excellent solution to make your smile beautiful. It is a safe, quick and non invasive method to instantly facelift the smile.

Several techniques are available:

a) Home bleaching.
b) In office bleaching, also known as laser bleaching, 1hr bleach, dental chair bleaching, etc.
c) Over the counter bleaching kits.

3) Replace discoloured fillings

Unsightly silver coloured /mercury based fillings can easily be replaced with life like indistinguishable white fillings or ceramics. Also discoloured mismatching and old tooth colour fillings can be replaced with superior cameleon tooth colour fillings to satisfy the demands of the most discerning client.

4) Cosmetic re-contouring

Chipped uneven teeth can be easily mended or adjusted for a more attractive smile. The placement of white filling material can create the illusion of symmetry and alter unsightly arrangement of teeth. This method is conservative of tooth tissue.

5) Veneers

Veneers are thin porcelain facings that are bonded to the teeth to improve appearance, are durable and long lasting. Veneers can majorly alter a smile. In some cases it can even protect the teeth from tear and wear and can take years off your smile. It is an attractive option for people who are not interested in orthodontic braces to straighten teeth. The whole procedure can be completed in one week and produce ultimate aesthetics

6) Cosmetic gum contouring

Small gum contouring can have amazing effect on your smile. Gummy smiles usually gives the appearance of short teeth, recontouring the gums with symmetry can greatly enhance your looks

7) Crowns that look like teeth

If you can tell that it is a crown – its a bad crown. Life like, high quality crowns with no black or grey areas around the gums, allowing light to go through, replacing artificial looking, dull crowns, will instantly restore your confidence. Our crowns are made by highly skilled and talented lab technicians.

8) Bonding

We can easily bond tooth coloured filling material to change the shape and colour of crooked, spaced or discoloured teeth.

9) Bridges

We can fill the gaps and make the adjacent teeth look better too.

10) Implants

We can replace missing teeth with implants. The success rate today of this type of treatment is very high and predictable.